We should all use our eyes more

David Davis

Perhaps we should all pay more attention to Private Eye. Boatang and Demetriou have just admitted to so doing.

I have to confess that, in my (relative) youth as a 20-to-30-something London businessman, and libertarian, who kind of thought he knew what the world was about, I got riled regularly by young chaps with acne, such as Harry Phibbs* and Andrew Roberts*, who would accost me at drinkspotties or in the IEA, saying things like “now     Dave, as you will have just (yeh? Me?  :-O  Yeh!!! (wha’-?) ) read in your Eye….” something-or-other……….

So I consciously did the opposite, and never even opened the flyleaf of any copy of it, from 1969 up to, well, soon now.

*Don’t get me wrong, squire! They’re perfectly normal guys and very rich too! Just that I didn’t think they were at the time, recommending  _sotto-voce_  a strange mag printed on what seemed like bog-paper, with bad typesetting and only erratically available at WH Smith/Waterloo Station in the evenings. Perhaps it was I that was at fault.

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