Children … update: DISGUSTING, criminal, stalinist abuse

David Davis

Today’s Daily Telegraph carries a front page on the use abuse of young children. it seems that Councils Soviets are “recruiting” children to inform spy on and anonymously grass up people for such things described as “bin crime”, and other petty infractions of directives.

I don’t know what you people think of this move, but we have clearly let all these horrible Stalinist Gauleiters get out of control. It does make me lie awake at night, wondering about the psychology and mind-set of a person who _WANTS_ to apply for the job of “Council Snooping Organiser”, or “Covert Human Intelligence Co-ordinator – this may be abbreviated to CHIC, or CHICO , I suppose, in those delighfully and deliberately unintelligible documents that bureaucrasts like to produce lots of.

The question of what to do with such people, in the event of a Grand Libertarian Sweep forwards in cultural maturity and a final spread of liberty and sovereign individuality, bothers me somewhat. I can’t really see a place for them in a civilised society. Perhaps a spell of highly risky “re-education” in the Udenopticon might be needed.


  1. Trooper is probably right there….however, the point is not so much the poor abused children, although they will grow up thinking that (as you said on yours) snitching on their neighbours and relations is a noble occupation, or at least one that a person can do without much soul-searching.

    The real, deep black, gut-wrenching, moral conundrum is _why_ some of our fellow humans, not just on this planet but in THIS country, want to be associated with organising such ugly, ugly things.

    I suppose it’s the same reason why so many people in Europe (and,strangely, Austria) wanted freely to become concentration camp staff. But I can’t, just can’t, get it – what motivates these PEOPLE?

    Who thought of this scheme – can we find out? It would be interesting, as it MUST have originated with somebody. Computers and robots don’t dream up “initiatives” – totalitarians do, and they are humans.

  2. Dave:

    No, we CANNOT make their lives unbearably miserable.

    Not only would this violate our own principles of Natural Rights to Life, Liberty and Property; it would encourage them to do it to us, but first; and it would bring the entire world in arma against us, for our Human Rights violations.

    I strongly suggest that you advance to the Burgomeister’s Books, and download the text of J. M. Coetzee’s “Waiting for the Barbarians.”


    If you have the Opera browser, it will READ it to you while you sit back with a coffee…


    Lighten up!!!

    Occasionally, you remind me of this maxim:

    “Welcome to the world of Strategic Analysis, where we programme weapons that don’t work to meet threats that don’t exist.” >:-}



  3. Dave:

    That’s either sad, or wonderful. I don’t know which.

    Is it that your life is full of things you HAVE to do; or full of things you LOVE doing?

    I wake up every day, and I can do whatever I like. That’s what “freedom” means to me. Chores tend to have to wait, except for a few essentials. I live like Henry David Thoreau, mostly.



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