Warning: mad people here.


I can’t seem to paste the video, but that’s the link.

Nothing much to say about this lot really. Just such a great movie, these people take themselves and their sadly mistaken position so, So seriously. I can see them turning into Pol Pots or Stalins.  Hat tip Devil’s Kitchen.

Or is the plural “Pols Pot”?


  1. I thought this was from MAD tv, only after 30 seconds did I realise this was supposed to be real. Yep, budding Pol Pots and potty too.

  2. I’d like to come rolling over the hills in a convertible AC Cobra, a Michael Madsen-style suit with sunglasses to match, followed by a few thousand tons of Caterpillar.

    In the great words of the late George Peppard, ” I love it when a plan comes together”.


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