9/11 falling man … The right stuff from Munchkinwrangler, and we’ve done the grapes.

David Davis

Thoughts on 9/11. Nobody thinks much here about the falling people – only about ways to prove that it was an inside job.

And Munchkin didn’t put up the falling man on his: I did, on here.

Bah, humbug.

(AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……NOW they tell me! “He” was put there in Adobe-Photoshop 5.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeh.)

Sorry. I’ll never buy it. I’ll be back with the same stuff next year. And the year after. And after that. But if someone can prove to me to my satisfaction that it was an inside job, I make a public pledge. I will EAT either president wot signed it: George Bush, OR Bill Clinton, whichever one it was. Or the other other Bush one, or the one before that, who must have authorised it as he’s a republican and wanted to blow up the world too, but he’s dead so I can’t.

They will have to be barbecued, as that’s the best way to eat human flesh (so I’m told) or pork (I know.)

‘Orrible, ‘orrible little people out there, many of you are. Sometimes I can’t think why I bother to write for you all. Must be ‘coz I’m vain. Or that I want to chastize you into being good. Wish I knew which it was.


  1. It’s not for anyone to prove anything to you. The moral responsibility rest with you to seek the truth.

    If you have done this and think that you are right, okay, but the argument should be over the evidence.

  2. Dave:

    These emotionally-loaded pictures do not advance your cause. They may consist of real-time video of real living people. Or not. I know of not a single case of one of these “jumpers” being forensically identified; and even if such “evidence” were to be provided, it would now be suspect, after a “DNA expert” purported to match DNA samples of those purportedly on board AA77 with samples purportedly taken from the Pentagon, where a “Boeing 757” purportedly vanished into a 13 ft. hole in the outer wall, never to be seen again.

    For a more complete discussion of the attack on the Pentagon on 9/11, I can recommend the painstaking reconstruction and analysis produced by my group, “Pilots For 9/11 Truth” on DVD.


    What I insistently endeavour to get people to realize is that — absent a full and honest accounting — the door to a repetition of these attacks on World Civilization is wide open. The people who perpetrated “9/11” are still around to do it over again.

    As General Tommy Franks so candidly pointed out: “One more 9/11 and you can say “Goodbye” to the Congress, along with half the Bill of Rights ”

    “The horse IS out of the barn — all but the tail hairs — but it IS worth trying to hold it.” as Admiral Noel Gayler, DIRNSA, CinCPAC, said in a rather different context. I have a signed photo of him on my living-room wall.



  3. What’s with the anger Dave? What has totally convinced you that the attacks weren’t in some way influenced by the American State?

    To be sure, there are some whackjobs in the ‘truther’ movement. But you shouldnt totally dismiss everyone who questions the events on that day.

  4. I have also been charged by the Libertarian Alliance with the task of driving a blog. That I will do.

    Many media sensationalise their content to a far, far worse extent than I do on here. The British tabloid press, for example, thinks nothing of ruining the living lives of individuals by fabricating or embroidering rumours about people’s sexual habits, say.

    The main British socialist papers, in 1971 demonised Margaret Thatcher for being a “milk snatcher”…(I know, for I drove my motorbike, in that year, over the feet of one of their ranting hairy lefty demonstrators in the University.)

    Yet their stalinist apparatchiks closed 273 MORE hospitals between 1964 and 1970 than the TORIES while in office between 1979 and 1990!


    I’m what you’d call an “angry old man”. I’ve seen enough bullshit to be able to know what’s real-serious bullshit and just hairy-anti-western-lefty-bullshit.

  5. I don’t think it’s an anti-western “lefty” thing to question the “official” line on events, September 11th or otherwise.

    On the contrary, it is our duty to seek truth. The American State has performed false-flag operations in the past – and it may well do so in the future. The incentives were certainly there to find a reason to occupy both Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Personally, I don’t believe that the 9/11 attacks were such an operation – but Dave, please excuse people if they are cynical about the events of that day.

  6. Dave:

    You may have noticed that I NEVER say that 9/11 was an “Official Act” of the US State. The reason for this is that [a] Every US Official swears an Oath to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic; and [b] I do not think that 9/11 was or could have been a formal act of the US State apparatus.

    You may also notice that I specifically do NOT accuse President Bush. Indeed, I think that he was not one of the plotters, but rather, a victim. What convinced me of this is the way he stayed in a classroom of schoolchildren, looking like a deer caught in the headlights, not knowing who to trust after being told of the second strike, this time on the South Tower.

    What we saw that day was an in-place coup, masked by an unparalleled act of terrorism. After the coup, the power balances in the US polity were very different, with the “NeoCons” and social-control freaks in the ascendent. “Cui Bono?”

    Oh, and “Follow the money.” Several trillions.



  7. Yep, a locational name. I was going to say, it’s a good job your initials aren’t A. L. C. O isn’t it?



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