Just listen to those Merlin V12s, and cheer up.

Never mind Gordon Brown, for a few hours – he’s holed below the waterline and the rest of his life will be filled with its own problems. Enjoy….

David Davis

And another fun one:-

And good engine noise in this one:-

And here:-


  1. Look, er, Tony old chap. The funny spam thingy here, it’s called Akismet or something, often holds your comments for moderation. You know I’d never do that, and it’s irritating for you and a pain for me ‘coz I thern have to “go on” and allow them physically.

    I think it’s because you paste in all those weblinks directly, like all the boring ByeloRussian Viagra-pushers do.

    (If there are any of you sad neoStalinist wankers watching, my system’s Hardware-Firewall has just seen your IP address through Peer-Guardian, and has send your C: drive a fdisk /mbr command. Enjoy.)

    Tony, could your writing-machine simply embed any links you want people to go to, in the txt, just like it does here on wordpress?

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