Libertarian Alliance appoints new officer

David Davis

Peter Davis, aged 14, from Lancashire (he pretends to be no relation), a maths-geek, computer-bore and Bill-Gates-Windows-(widows?)-supporting-Apple-Mac-guerilla, has today taken the prize that all the geeks and teenagers of the world coveted:-

He has been appointed to the post of “Libertarian Alliance Youtube [and other sources] researcher.”

The project brief, for which Davis (P) was unanimously chosen as being the best-suited candidate, was as follows:-

To review pro-actively, and to assess, in a very strategically-focussed and real way, in the context of this day and age, all YouTube videos, for either libertariano-jingoistic or Whigo-sociological content in an Anglospherically-multicultural context, in a VERY REAL WAY, and in a focussed sense, with lessons to be learned.


Mainly while we are in bed and asleep.

MY SON WANTS TO GO DOWN INTO THE MINE, WITH ME. Perhaps the lefties did understand something, but being lefties, they could not help but corrupt it.


  1. Just wait ’till he gets to university. Everywhere you turn, socialist this, that and the other. Why?
    “Cus, like, we’re individuals and stuff and corporations rob us of our dignity and stuff”.

  2. Davis, living as he does with a mad Libertarian father, and a mother who mutters sotto-voce about “saving the bloody world”, is already highly cynical about British lefties embedded in the “school” system.
    He always goes pointedly to sleep in “citizenship” and “PSHE” classes: his chums now join him. the teachers are happily powerless to intervene.

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