You can’t be “against” a physical object: only against the people that use them to kill.

David Davis

I have just got in and seen this. Without having to read it, I know exactly what it says. It’s like shagging Elizabeth Taylor (when she was young and pretty): one did not need to, for one could imagine precisely what it would be like.

Among those speaking out against violence is the singer, Jamelia, who said: “If you stay silent you’re part of the problem.”

I’ve no clue who “Jamelia” is, at all, but I’m not going to be silent, so I must therefore be part of the solution.

The problem of knives is created by socialism, used as it is as a weapon to destroy liberal civilisation.

Socialism, existing as it does and pursuing the Fabian ends that it does in liberal civilisations, causes the production of unsocialised young hominids. These have been put through a Hegelian dialectic sausage-machine of non-education, and therefore they end up, in their teens, functionally adults, with the minds and cogitatory power of chimpanzees.

There are two things we could do:-

(1) Send the Police (remember them?) round every household in the nation, armed and wearing “stab-me”-vests (they’ll have to be, and it will have to be at 4.00 am) and collect up ALL knives. All kitchen knives, pen-knives, chisels, blades of electric-planes, screwdrivers (how sharp are some of the smaller ones, eh!) Stanley-knives and all loose blades, loose razor-blades (must be some still about) modelling and craft tools, and scissors. Axes (better make sure.)

Ordinary garden shears, such as for “edging” a lawn…. I could think of several ways to make someone suffer with those – much better also, against a knife-hoodie in a dark alley, after clubbing and finding yourself out too late at night, eh, sonny? Like a sword against a knife, and the blunter the better – hurts more, and the bone will mend less well!

As this is New-Lieborg, decree an “unlimited” fine and “life” imprisonment. for resisting or with-holding any item proscribed. This will of course play well with “Brooke Kinsella” (whoever she may be.)

It shows great love and empathy and “feeling of pain”. It’s “good television”. The government can pretend that “a full-scale enquiry into the initiation of strategically-focussed and pro-active initiatives” for “addressing the comcerns of” “young people” and (I bet 50p) “working mothers”, is “planned”, to be “in place” by [sometime or other].

(2) Or…

You could (a) arrest, and immediately intern in the Udenopticon, all lefties and other fascist recipients of State-salaries, who have had the bad fortune to be caught with their trousers down and their wallets thus clearly open and gaping, in “Public Service” posts to do with education, employment, crime, local government, policing, schools, “prison reform”, “outreach”, “culture”, (regulation of)country-pursuits, “traffic management”, parking services”,  “Congestion control”, “countryside issues”, and the like.

That should get the f*****g criminals anti-liberal-pre-capitalist-barbarian buggers off the street for the present, ot a place of safety, where they can be “resettled”, for a time to be determined (by due legal process) and enjoy each other’s company in a “natural” environment. Very natural indeed; it ought to suit their deep-green tendencies.

(b) You could train everyone, at least all males (besides basic grammar, maths, writing, Latin and Greek, the history of Western art and music, and joined-up-English history from 2000 BC to 2008) in the use of knives and guns, to defend your loved ones. They would HAVE loved ones, unlike now, after about two generations, if this project was to go ahead. Yeh, it could take that long, so much damage has been done.

The result of this is that guns and knives will be respected and will NOT be carried about as socialist status symbols. It will take some time – at least a generation, and probably two. The poor bastards probably have never heard the word “socialist”, let alone have any inkling of what it means for the destruction of human civilisation, and why their carrying and use of knives now, as weapons if intimidation and murder, is so useful to New-Lieborg.

This raises questions about the death penalty. I am against it, as of now, as “used” by States. This is because I cannot delegate a right, to any agency or another person, to carry out an act which I have no right, as things stand, to do. if I had the right to cary arms to defend my and mine, then I would have the right to kkoll in that defence. In that case, i can delegate the right to a suitably limited state. but these do not now exist, so I can’t.


  1. There is no reason to carry a knife outside the home, therefore, in my humble opinion, the carrying of a knife should be treated in the same way as carrying a gun. It won’t necessarily stop the problem, but it will deliver a strong message. The problem is, as you have alluded to, there are many differnt types of knives and some of them may have a legitimate use. Perhaps they should start with ‘fixed blade’ knives?

  2. Ordinary, which is to say: “good” people, who wish to carry a knife, or a gun, whether in the pocket or openly, ought to be allowed to.

    What if I, say, owned an old Martini-Henry rifle, and I wanted to take it with me to my friend Farmer Ted, on the bus? (Let’s pretend I have such a friend.)

    This is because he, pretend-Ted, had cordially invited me to shoot stags (let’s pretend he has some running wild on his land, and they need to be killed and eaten, which is their destiny.)

    Why ought I not to be allowed to go about with my rifle? And the rounds? It’s useless without those anyway.

    Would you suggest that the “Armed Police” ought to hold up the bus with a readblock and order me off at gunpoint?

    Suppose I had no rounds with me, because ted had them from “the last time” and I had forgot to take them home with me? Or he had a Martini too and we just shot from the same box and the last man to “use” bought the next box?

    Would not they look like f*****g twats? (Would they like that, or would they shoot me dead out of spite and piqued amour-propre?)

    I am of the generation of boys, just after the War, all of whom carried “pen knives”, at all times, as a matter of course, and as enjjoined to do so by our fathers and grandfathers, who taught us how to whittle with them, to use them as modelling tools, to cut undergrowth, weeds, trim our nails, undo screws in an emergency (it murdered the blade-end!) to cut string or rope, to cut “whipping-twine” (anyone remember what that is?) and to sharpen them on a “stone”, or a “wheel”, to “keep a keen edge, my lad! No use otherwise, is it, and you could hurt yerself or someone else, if it’s blunt!”

    I am in the habit of carrying one or more knives “in” the home. This is because we have a “garden”, and it is “active”: that is to say, we are growing or clearing vegetable stuff in it, at all times of the year. It is very, very sharp, as I “do” it on my “wheel” about once a fortnight – not really enough but it does OK. It is about 70 years old. This is Lancashire, sonny.

    There is a difference between “delivering a strong message” and actually getting people to be better people so that the weaker brethren do not crack under the pressure of reality and kill each other. We do not, in a liberal civilisation, treat everybody as criminals until proved otherwise.

    The fact that you did NOT paranthesise “deliver a strong message” (as I have done) indicates that you really, actually, believe what you are trying to say. Is that right? I’d just love to know. perhaps I had better see who “UK Voter” is?

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