If “Libertarianism in one country” is to be tried (it has to be, sometime, or else we here have wasted our time and should just go and do subsistence-farming until the (rush)lights finally go out) then I’m not sure…

…what can be done with only “40 ships”.

Apparently, there are more admirals than ships now.

The whole point about this blog is that we have to decide whose side to choose, and fight for it. We may have to, sadly. And if we can’t stop the buggers arriving to trash us, we are lost. The odd Typhoon will just not do. (And the Americans will not come, this time: I can’t blame them. They’ve done enough, and are tired, and they do have their own problems right now.)

The protection of the idea of Libertarianism, as a way of seeing how people relate, get on, co-operate and make progress for all of Mankind, will come down to a war, in the end. I am sorry but I think it will.

And worse, our state schools are producing stupidized young people….(you have to be intelligent and well-educated in the Liberal Classical tradition: both to stay alive, and to know how best to “interpret” “orders”…)


  1. Dave:

    Now that the Future Carrier Project has specified two fixed-wing carriers, I’m more free to speak about this.

    I proposed a project to the Office of the First Sea Lord, whereby we should convert two of the existing Trident subs to be platforms for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Instead of missile launch tubes, there would be vertical racks of discus-shaped UAVs, radio-controlled from either the subs via blue-green laser and satellites, or by radio from anywhere in the world. Discus planforms hare incredibly adaptable, ultra STEALTHy, will fly from 30 knots to Mach 5, and have over twice the lift capacity of a conventional wingspan. The technology is well-rehearsed; and the flight characteristics are both aerobatic and stable. T threw in a novel design of jet engine which has no moving parts except fuel/air molecules.

    You don’t need a Carrier Battle Group if your platform is submersible and nuclear-powered.

    Needless to say, the Navy bigwigs didn’t want to weaken our “Nuclear Deterrent” (which didn’t deter Galtieri because we could never use the things for any rational purpose).

    I was instructed in how to operate an Aircraft Carrier by Admiral Noel Gayler, a friend, who commanded USS Ranger; designed SIOP; directed the National Security Agency and served as CinCPAC.

    The difference between my project and the two carriers we’re promised is that what we’re promised will never happen, whereas long before then, the entire world will be flying UAVs.

    The British Ruling Class (a failed Eugenics project) has been producing “stupidized” people for a very long time now.



    PS: There have been more admirals than RN ships for a long time now.

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