Is “anthropogenic global warming” a chamberpot of flim-flam after all?

David Davis

Bishop Hill thinks that the UK’s Meteorological Office might be publicly trying to hide the fact that they suspect it too, while pretending not to.

There’s even a conference planned, called “Global warming: what you need to know.” it costs £550 to attend, so I guess none of us on here, or from you poverty-stricken lot of bloggers and bloggees out there, will be going.

Sorry, I seem to have lost the link to it.


  1. Interesting. I always suspected that there was some dissenting opinion about global warming in various organizations around the globe whose agenda it is to move the climate change myth forward. Unfortunately for us, I feel many in those organizations that don’t believe the hype are suppressed and their opinions not heard.

  2. You bet there is ‘some dissenting’ voices, about 32,000 phd, etc who know that anthropogenic global warming is a lot of bunkum. Mars apparently is also having some warming are we affecting the martians climate as well. IT is a lot of bulldust to bring in more taxes and to bring the West to its n knees. A volcnoe in the seventie released more co2 into the atmosphere than the whole history of mankind. And yes the petition which was signed by these topnotch scientist was ignorred a couple of times and then vilfied because names like Perry Mason And Michael Fox appeared, true scientists not the television personalities. The media is biased towards green themes which have crippled the West.

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