OK so he’s lost it … Well, Ferrari need to be helped, and they are in the EU after all, and we are not, and hey! Hamilton is even black!

David Davis

Brian Mickelthwait, libertarian blogger, talks about cricket the whole time, so I guess that lets me bore you abour Formula-1.

I would have bet £500,000 on this appeal result, if I had had the moolah to hand. I’d have guessed 1000:1 that McClaren win and 1:11-on that Ferrari get what they want (which they did.)

Am I the only person who thinks that the FIA have it in for British teams right now – and – worse – that the “Europeans” (especially dyed-in-the-wool Savoyards like Ferrari) can’t stand being shown up by a “black” driver (who’s British, which makes it even worse!)

Whats that thing on his head?
What's that thing on his head?


  1. You’ve got to hand it to Hamilton, he has the right stuff. But I don’t know if they have been hard on him with these disiplinary thingys. The thing is, the way the guy races, he’s going to step on a few toes and push the rules a bit, surely it can’t be avoided when you’re as competitive as that. He did throw away the unwritten rulebook when he started taking on Alonso though, which didn’t win him much sympathy.

  2. It seems that not only Ferrari are involved regarding Hamilton’s driving style, but other drivers too so maybe the penalty is justified. Why is Mc Laren always in the poo? Bruce must be turning in his grave. By the way, how can Hailton be black?

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