Hands up all those who think it’s deliberate

David Davis

I return to my pererennial hobby-horse regarding the need for a Libertarian Nation (and one or more such ought to be able to exist) to be – at least initially – heavily armed and defendable.

I think that Men would fight for such an entity, freely. Today’s difficulty for the UK (which is currently anything but libertarian and is rapidly descending into the cesspit of Police-Stateness) is that

(a) We taught the world how to live and to rise out of the slough of tyranny towards individual liberty under a system of impersonal Law,

(b) We need to be punished for it, by the fascist left,

(c) This punishment needs to be public and exemplary,

(d) No chance of exerting any pressure on overseas tyrants, nor of there being any armed forces which might conceivably oppose the above plan from a moral Western civilisational standpoint, can be allowed.

Regular readers of course know to what extent Sean Gabb and I disagree, mostly on entirely cordial terms, about the objectives or need for Britain to be involved in foreign wars and expeditions: these are mostly on behalf of other people, always far away and for those people of whom “we know little or nothing”. Now, if such an ideal libertarian state was to exist, discussion would need to be had about the extent to which it would need to “make the world safe for libertarianism”.

I for one firmly believe that it would come under direct attack from day zero. this might or might not be a straight assault: It is more llijely to be cowardly nibbling, by force, at its overseas commerce. We have already had two sharp lessons about this particular one in the past 100 years alone.

Obvious candidates would be the USSR Russia (as it stands today). I am not sure that places such as Iran (until liberated) and Venezuela would be far behind. I can envisage, too, a congeries of African “nations”, collectively whipped more or less violently (and with the active assistance of the United Nations) by people like the fascist pig Mugabe, and Thabo whatsisname or whoever is currently wielding the weapons in South Africa.

All this makes a credible Blue-Water-Navy, well-backed by air power, and able to transport at need a fairly small but highly-techologically-competent Army, anywhere on the globe within preferably 8 to 12 hours. The point that would need to be made is not just size of response but rapidity – the news Media of the Enemy Class both at home and anywhere overseas do work fast themselves: they would need to be swamped with “breaking news” which is breaking against them rapidly, and moves the jabbering buggers further down their own windpipes and out down through their own arses and into the pot, before they can spin it.

Space-based weaponry and surveillance are an obvious need….cue Tony H!


  1. I got this the other day from the UK National defence association which I joined about six months ago;


    The United Kingdom National Defence Association [UKNDA] has welcomed Conservative Party Leader David Cameron’s commitment to improving the nation’s treatment of our Armed Forces.

    In his speech to the Conservative Party Conference yesterday (Oct 1), David Cameron pledged to “stop sending young men to war without the equipment they need… stop treating our soldiers like second class citizens… do all it takes to keep our country safe and do all it takes to protect the heroes who risk everything for us.”

    He reminded Conference delegates: “Amidst the financial crisis let us not forget that we are also a nation at war” and said that Britain’s servicemen and servicewomen in Afghanistan were “defending our freedom and our way of life as surely and as bravely as any soldiers in our nation’s history.”

    Cdr John Muxworthy, UKNDA Chief Executive, said: “David Cameron has stated that a Conservative government would improve the treatment of our Armed Forces. This is a very important commitment by the Conservative Party leader and we warmly welcome it. The fact that he devoted a large part of his conference speech to Defence shows how far up the political agenda this issue has moved in recent months.

    “Our own opinion poll last week showed that over two thirds of voters believe that our Armed Forces are ‘dangerously over-stretched’ and more than half say they will consider each party’s Defence policy when deciding which way to vote in the next election. David Cameron has obviously taken note of this.

    “However, the Conservatives have yet to make a clear commitment to increasing the Defence budget. They will not be able to make good on their promises about improving the state of the Armed Forces unless they allow a significant increase in Defence funding. In the UKNDA policy paper, Overcoming the Defence Crisis, we made clear that an increase of 40% in the Defence budget is vital if we are to bring our Forces back up to strength and provide them with the equipment and resources they need.

    “We hope and trust that David Cameron will make a categorical pledge on funding for Defence by the time we get to the next election. Otherwise his promises about renewing the Military Covenant will be no more than hollow words.”

    UKNDA – which was formed last year to campaign for sufficient, appropriate and fully-funded Armed Forces – held a fringe-meeting during the recent Conservative Party Conference, at which UKNDA President Winston S. Churchill (grandson of Britain’s wartime leader) and Vice-Presidents General Patrick Cordingley, Professor Richard Holmes and Bernard Jenkin MP called on the Conservative Party to make a manifesto commitment to increase funding for the Armed Forces.


    It feels like a weight is being slightly lifted off our shoulders when I read things like this, after the way they’ve made us all feel. It reminds me that we’re quite lucky to have the input of yourself David, you know this Cameron character don’t you? 🙂

  2. Steven, I’m sorry to disappoint you but I don’t know him at all! (You may be under the impression that I am “the” Tory politician David Davis – I am not. Very sorry! I’m just an averagely well-educated son-of-the-soil who lives in Lancashire…)

    ….but I hope you won’t shake off the dust of this blog from your feet as you stomp away in disgust….you had only to look at my picture on the right over there, I’m not him, am I? I’m even holding a can of Polish beer (that photo was taken in “East Prussia” in 2005, where we go for summer holidays (it truly is a lovely place, no wonder the Germans defended it to the death literally, we once found the remains of one poor young man, caught while cooking in 1944, under the back garden.)

    But your point about defence is a key one. In the present situation, we effetcively have none – on the one hand, the Police behave like a heavily-armed and highly-technical occupying army in the UK, while what’s left of our forces do boring and deadly police work in places where we already ought to have been allowed to have taught the people how to live, long long ago! This is of course the fault of leftist fascism (the only kind, for “there is only one”) which we tacitly espoused from about 1900 onwards, and the rot has finally set in. it takes a long time to destroy a civilisation, as Sean Gabb has shown regarding the Roman Empire – read his books (I’m sure you have done!)

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