Another reason why you should choose to smoke.

David Davis

Irate Robot is understandably irritated by the fascist jackbooted hegelian nannying increasingly persecuting smokers, who choose to enjoy a still (limitedly) legal habit. Only tolerated of course because the Soviet government would probably be nust without the tobacco Excise revenue.

The “graphic images” on packs, as proposed, should be cut out and mailed to, or stuck on, the doors of all State offices nearby. This will soon close down places full of “public employees” owing to “workplace stress”, and we will all benefit.


  1. You feel that a good reason to smoke is to be a rebellious punk and teach the government their lesson? Government regulation or no, you don’t pick up a bad habit just because somebody made you cry. Do you support your political belief enough that you’d actively go out and stick a few pictures from your cigarette boxes in public places just to show them what you think about their minor change to packaging?

    You should be so lucky that your government allows you to smoke as much as you want, and still you feel the need to complain about a little regulation?

    If there’s one thing I’ll never get, it’s how the people with the most freedoms to do what they want to themselves always try to push for that little bit more deregulation of everything. How about you make up your own mind whether or not you want to smoke without worrying about what little images the government wants to stick on the front of the box.

    As a libertarian myself, I think most people can agree you take it just that bit too far. Deregulation on drugs is a reasonable request that I have actively supported, yet I’m all too happy for them to include a passive warning of the dangers. Complaining about packaging… pathetic.

  2. I’d never smoke if you paid me. I think it’s a smell and disgusting habit, which can also lead to illnesses.

    Furthermore, states telling us what to do with our own bodies makes us into their farm-animals, and is the pits.

    Let’s all stand up for individual rights, then, but not to much. I’ll work on something acerbic about that one!

  3. I enjoy being a rebellious punk, yes my blood pressure may be higher, but my stress levels aren’t!

    I don’t think you take it too far Sir, if anything it’s the other side that takes it too far.

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