Barack Obama: more hero-worship and idolatry.

David Davis

Update: 05.11.08. he’s been elected. We’ll have to make the best of it I guess. the next four years will be what the ancient Chinese would have called “interesting times”.

Here’s our earlier Obama stuff today if you missed it….

I must be living in the Stone Age – this has had about 10-gazillion-grillion views and I have only just found it…lovely little girl, so exquisitely shaggable: what a waste. Hope she’s really a conservative but is wisely not telling:-

This is supposed to be a “European” song….doesn’t sound like it to me…it somehow doesn’t, er, quite…fit…into what I’d call the Western Canon of Music:-

What a ridiculous prat he is being made out to be. Have to do my bit for America I suppose.


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