ICELAND … and RUSSIA … I’m such a cretin, why didn’t I see it coming?

David Davis

Tony Hollick will have a good go at me and will say why it’s good for the USSR Russia to counterbalance the USA or something….but….

…..honestly, I’m such a gamma-minus semi-moron sometimes. I fail to spot screaming stuff festering under my nose, which others can smell a mile off.

Of course! THAT’s why the USSR Russia, of all the unlikely stalinist nazi buggers to come to the aid of Iceland, wants to do it. (Er, primarily from Coffee House for making the intellectual leap, sorry guys! Also Christina Speight whose shrill round-robin alerted me to it a few seconds earlier.)

I mean, who’d bother to bail out  _specifically_  _Icelandic_ banks which have slightly over-reached themselves in the eternal struggle to get round socialist regulation of capital ratios, for goodness sake? Specially when the said bailer-outers (the USSR) are sitting on the West’s windpipe? Why not, if it’s money and “stability” you want, bail out, say the Royal Bank of Scotland? No?


The Stalinists Russia want wants something else.

To make sure of this: that when the USA/Canada (Canada not I think any more now, they have HRCs) and other parts of the Anglosphere coming to the aid of liberalism and self-determination and so help threatened Britain and perhaps other European nations to escape the EU and the USSR, something bad will happen. Their Merchant Navy crews and convoy escorts will _go home in body bags_ (or not, being at the bottom of the North Atlantic, joining all the other ones still down there, as is more likely.)

Why does the USSR Russia seem to think is has the need to fly its bears at us? Are we threatening it? Is Georgia threatening it and they have lost their map which was kept in Moscow? Is it trying to make a point? Is Putin’s willy too small? (I doubt it, but I have no first-hand evidence.) If there’s a point, then what? As Peter Simple used to say, “I only ask because I want to know.”

Is it angry that Reagan and Thatcher beat its ruling Enemy Class hollow while that outfit yet espoused Socialism, and does (its unelected ruling class, mostly the same buggers, but with more money) want revenge? If so, is the war over, in its eyes? Or not?

I opine that the West is having a 1919-1939 Armistice-moment. The enemy’s just the same, nothing has changed in over 200 years – it’s national socialist imperialism, just like Napoleon, like the 2nd Reich, the Third Reich, and the USSR (and of course now the “EU”.)

If NATO was worth the paper my boys could write it on, it would say (1)

(1) WE would like to be your friends, BUT………

(2) you seem not to want to be ours……….

(3) and so….

(4)…….”by the way, there will be no USSR Russian facilities in Iceland. Too sensitive for us. You would not allow us to “refuel” our SSBNs at Sevastopol or in the White Sea, so we will not allow you near a strategic island in the middle of the North Atlantic…..

….you see…..it’s the geography, stupid. We would need to send stuff to the people over there, if you decided to stand a bit harder on their windpipes.”

Libertarians anre often the most irritatingly neutral people, when it comes to deciding which specific “states” are “worse”, which is to say more anti-libertarian than other states. Worse, libertarians, being geeks who drink coffee all night in front of their Linux screens, often have very infantile views about foreign policy, trying as they do to find as much fault as possible with more or less pluralist-democratic Western governments – such as poor bloody George W Bush – why the W all the time? We know who he is!

The world is getting darker, and we are involutarily slipping towards the possibility of wars, the polarity of which we cannot yet predict, and the rationale for which our politicians refuse to understand, yet they may mostl likely be continuations of previous episodes – especially if the seminal contribution of socialism, as the prime enemy of the Western Civilisational Canon, is not understood and expunged, and soon.

It is almost too late, but not quite. When things like the USSR’s bid for Russia’s bid for facilities in Iceland, is not rebutted, we get more into trouble.

A society that wants to be, and more importantly, remain – libertarian – must look to its strategic requirements and to its defence. Sorry to be a 1930s Churchillian bore – it is necessary. (Oh, and I do NOT want the job when it may be offered.)

Have to go on school run now. Sorry.


  1. Amusing.
    One point about how “you” won’t let the Russians in.

    You don’t control it. WE do. The Icelanders.
    And if you don’t want to bail us out of our bankers idiocy, then we find someone who will.

    We’ve done it before and it worked. You may have heard of something called the “Cod Wars”.

    Or someone called Nassar. Funny fellow, beat you guys too.

  2. I don’t think I’d let the Russians in if I was you, Hilmar.

    Individual Russian people I have met, many too over many years, are almost invariably charming and nice human beings, but their guvmint is not your friend.

    Yes of course you shafted us over the “Cod Wars”. Silly episode, and we of course had no hope of winning, if “winning” was what it was about.

    As to the pig Nasser, and the Suez monkey-business, I think we’ve got over our disappointment by now. You’ll find that Paul Johnson, in his good book “Modern Times” is quite scathing about Nasser, Eisenhower/the State dept, and the influence of Kruschchev.

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