….and what will the buggers do next?

David Davis

Anti-“war on terror” “laws” are being used to upset the normal course of events in the sorting out of an Icelandic Bank which has a little local difficulty. Hat tip Guido, who spotted this in the FT.

If “states” are going to start squabbling over stuff, as if it was post-war-rationed-sweets, like tantrumised children outside a playground in 1948, then we truly are in the poo. This is socialism “triumphing over all the world”, as someone called V. I. Lenin said it “must”.

(Thieving, murdering bastard, and good-for-nothing waste-of-space. Good that he started to smell and had to be replaced by a waxwork. Hope they burnt the remains while nobody was looking, sensible guys. Perhaps Lenin didn’t exist at all, and had to always be played by a body-double, like “Jacqui” “Smith” … in my saner moments, I can’t believe that such a person exists.)


  1. Dave:

    Police officers at the Met lie and alter evidence in the Menenez case, to make Cressida Dick look bad.

    Are London libertarians more afraid of petty crooks, or of police officers who can kill you, and jail you if you fight back?



  2. The fact that this government used anti-terrorism legislation to sieze the assets of the Icelandic banks, is firm evidence that they will not shy away from using any legislation to meet their end game. There was for example, plenty of existing, non-terror legislation that would have allowed them to sieze these assets.

    Based on this fact alone, we should not be allowing this government, or for that matter, any future government to further infringe our liberties in the name of combating terrorism. Enough is enough.

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