Of course they think that … and new Lieborg caused it.

David Davis

Of course all that “girls” want to do is get on “X factor”: whatever that might be, it’s probably something on the Wireless Tele Vision: or marry a “Foot Baller”. If you were a girl, in a “school”, and in new Labour’s modenr British Paradise, what would you want to do?

How else do you escape the effects of it? At least you can use (your) sex to help you. Men can’t, they are not attractive objects which are nice to lie on, while you have a shag.

Oh, and about barbara Folletts: they clearly come with a lot of money attached to them. How can I get one? Can the money be reverse-engineered off one of those, and can I just discard the “Barbara Follett” after? Do I have to go on “X factor” and say how much I like Gordon Brown, or do these come with “bail outs” ?

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