Valve amp coming along nicely

David Davis

A couple of weeks ago you got this progress report. Here’s where we are now. Transformers are bolted down, most holes are drilled, and all the heaters light up.

Click on either to get a larger image. Owner is coming later tonight to view progress. Better get on with building the driver-stage electronics, and digging out those 33K and 22K ceramic Erie carbon resistors I promised him. All original NOS carbon resistors (non-inductive), hard to find now in new condition.

As I said before, I will make you an identical one of these (different meters, as these are the last two ex-WW2 vintage RAF ones) for about £5,000-£6,000, depending (on this and that.)

Or you can have it with Chinese or Russian 6L6 output valves and a less elaborate chassis (almost the same power as with KT88 sets, but slightly more “edgy” sound, for modern tracks and guitar riffs) for about £2,500 all-in. You’d have to come and collect as these are too heavy to post or courier.

Although the world is sinking into the New Socialist Dark Age: although Gordon Brown seems somehow to have recovered his popularity: although the pig Putin is loved and adorated in Russia the USSR: although Huggy-the-Chav is ruining Venezuela*** (why is not anyone assassinating him?) and although the naive stalinist Obama seems set to head up destroy the planet’s most important collection of (300 million, astonished) individuals, there is still fun to be had.

***I can be as rude about him as I like, since Dread-Ken is no longer Mayor of London.


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