Here we go down, further into the cesspool

David Davis

“Jacqui” “Smith”, described as a “Home” secretary, is re-proposing what we have feared all along.

If criminals and other chappies, such as “terrorists”, are plotting stuff, then it’s not our problem. There is no moral burden on us, non-suspects, to have to prove our innocence, in ways such as “not having communicated with suspect X”, or “not having accessed “suspicious” websites”, or “not being found by mobile phone records to have been in place Y at time T”.

The Remittance Man has gone into the timeline in more detail than i have done.

The way to not have a war on terror, and thus not have to use such a spurious war (which you can’t have anyway, it’s tautological) as an excuse to put a Police State in place, is to have had the right foreign policy for the last 100-odd years instead of the wrong ones.

Failing that (and it’s failed, yes) the West ought to have looked better ot its own defence against all sorts of marxist and pre-capitalist millenarian rubbish, not just “militant” “Islam”. Regarding Islam, I’m still not really clear that there’s any other approved type, in default of “deeply respected and globally-famous Imams” saying otherwise. I’m also not entirely clear that Islam is a religion in the logical sense – although sean Gabb is on public record as saying “Islam is a fine religion” (see and try googling “Libertarian Alliance + Putney Debates”, I can’t momentarily find the link) and I remain to be convinced, but that’s an argument for another day.

No: if the British State wants to monitor everybody, all the time, and store the “product” as the stuff is called, then it will have to make a better case than it possibly aiding in detection of supposed “crimes”. Crimes I always thought were against someone’s life, liberty or property. In the theoretical absence of socialism 9devoutly to be wished) most crimes are property crimes; there is even today, despite the almost complete absence of firearms, relatively little murder (try surviving in Venezuela today under Huggy-the-Chav) and even this State is still not in the big league yet when it comes to depriving people of their liberty. I cannot see this measure as but a sledgehammer to crack a nut, unless of course there is some subtext? Like pan-national surveillance of everybody, all the time?


  1. I was incandescent with rage when I heard about this government further attempt to erode what is left of our civil liberties with the announcement of this bill. This has to be one of the most outrageous intrusions into the private affairs of the public I have ever witnessed and we should all be up in arms.

    Once again, the terrorist threat has been used, yet in 3 years, not one person has been killed by a terrorist. Meanwhile 450 plumbers have died as a result of asbestos related diseases. Criminals and terrorists will find away around this database, meanwhile as usual, 99.999% of the public will pay the price by losing our rights to privacy in what we say and what we do, even when it is legal.

    We are considered to be one of the most spied on nations in the world league table, even worse (or better depending on your perspective), than China and Russia. That pretty much says it all. We must act, before the state has complete control over our lives.

    I have covered this issue on my blog and included a draft letter which people can download, modify and then post to their MP, which, for all intents and purposes, makes clear that if the MP supports this draconian bill, they will lose a vote. It is a small start, but it could gain momentum if publicised and supported. http://www.power-to-the-people.co.uk/2008/10/public-call-time-big-brother-britain

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