I’m glad that John Cleese is so old….but “old” in his case does not make him good, for he was bad in advance.

….for he may not be around for as long as I will be.

He does not have as positive an opinion as I do of Sarah Palin. (And worse, he metioned Monty Python, which I have never understood.)

I do fear that Obama will win, for then the world will take longer to recover its balance than otherwise. But I still hope he does not.

And…I discuss, in the future from this post, the goodness of oldness, and how “old” means good, in general.


  1. The polls are closing here in the States. McCain/Palin are only two points behind in Gallup. We could win this thing, and defeat the Fascist/Socialist Obama. Keep the faith.

    Your readers should know that Sarah Palin has strong ties to the Libertarian Party of Alaska, even being a guest speaker at a couple of their meetings, and receiving the Party’s endorsement for Governor.

    Eric Dondero, Publisher
    Libertarian Republican blog

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