Rubens Barrichello takes you round the Chinese F1 circuit

David Davis


I like these – you get rather more time in the car than while watching what the broadcast media are pleased to havd down to us mortals.

And, quite frankly, if Lewis Hamilton gets any more focussed than he must painfully be already, his eyes will disappear up his car’s exhaust pipe. He must be concentrating or he wouldn’t be paid, Ron Dennis is not ultimately an altruist, and will sack the rookie and get someone else if he felt he had to. But I hope the bugger wins on Sunday, if only so we can get this whole navel-gazing stuff over with, get a winner, and move on.


  1. Dave:

    [ FX: “It’s a simulation!” ]

    I have two Paystation2s, a Playstation3 wired into a 32″ SONY Bravia LCD via HDMI,

    And Steering wheel and pedals.

    I can do this ALL THE TIME!!!



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