The British political class and enslavement: I have revised the poll below as it was constructed in haste:

David Davis

I didn’t think enough about the last post before publishing it. Sorry.



Did they turn us into barnyard-animals by public-culture-degradation and removal of schooling, in order to be able to tyrannize us overtly with our consent, so as to show that the idea of wanting Liberty can then be destroyed inside a Free People?



Did they destroy the idea of Liberty, in order to turn us into their barnyard-animals because they are pre-capitalist-barbarians, and wanted to have some animals to mistreat and shag?


The political Class in Britain today does not know what it is doing and is flying blind, carried along by the masturbatory howlings of its predatory hangers-on and suppliers who sell stuff to it, and who have been to the wrong universities, or too many (unis), for too long; the cameras and systems are arriving under their own momentum and the consequence is unintended,


The Political Class in Britain today only has the best interests of ordinary people at heart, and is acting in the role of teacher/benefactor/moral mentor, so that everything has to be noted and seen at all times from the cradle to the grave,

The question does vex me often.Try this one instead:-

…UPDATE…and I have just found this, this morning.


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