Shouldn’t read “Hello” (ummmm, I think it’s a, er, “magazine”) then, should you then, you stupid cretinous stalinists.

David Davis

Oh dear.

The gap between Rich and Poor” gives it all away. Yes you have all the guns, yes you can kill us all as soon as you click your fingers, but yes, you are still utterly, utterly robotic in your citations of research.

You think that people (which is to say, mostly “Journal Ists”) are shallow and just want shallow material “to go on”, and you are probably right. Just like me really – but we are right (and you are wrong) about what Moves The World. This is the crux-or-nub of the problem of what drives Human Actions, and it will have to be solved.

Please go to our POLL here, about the British State Enemy Class;-


  1. All the things you wrote about gap b/w poor and rich is always true. it happens truely. i think when people have power. He misuse this power.
    increment in power and richness is not a bad thing but you consider one thing always use this power at appropriate place.

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