This has got to be a fabricated wind-up…

David Davis

This is…..

…Either created in-house, to artificially boil the blood of retired colonels, so the journo has something to say to the News Editor about having got “initiative-driven results” and being “pro-active” in news-gathering….

…Or it’s been placed by the Enemy Class, is also a fabrication, and is intended to make us all feel that the “State needs to take more control”.

Go down to our POLL about the motivations and intentions of the British Political Class, here.


  1. Dave:

    I thought this report was wonderfully funny (whoever wrote it). Ot highlights the invincibility of the human spirit.

    I knew a girl like that, many many years ago. We never “did it” (I stopped her), but she kept on coming into my room and playfully giving me a “back rub” while I was working. It seemed to me that she was truly innocent rather than “depraved.” She was rather pretty, too. 13. One kid already.



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