Child abuse, a Western Socialist government, and a story of destruction…

…of ordinary, non-state, freely created relationships and behaviour-codes favoured by individuals.

David Davis

I am beginning to warm to Gerald Warner in the Quisling-rightygraph. He asks, not unreasonably given the evidence in other areas, whether this government would “fight gun crime by issuing pistols to children”.

Indeed, it is quite interesting, that one particular problem – the rise in violent crime involving use of knives and guns by “young people” – is deemed to be dealt with by massive public demos headed by slebs (knives) and the complete erazure (of the very idea of guns) of the existential presence of guns from play or social scenarios. In my wife’s workplace, no “war toys” are permitted, and the very word “guns” is greeted (when uttered by a child) with a firestorm of ultra-honeyed and deeply big-brotherish brainwashing from the “practitioners”. Yet….when it comes to sex and all that….

….school-children are actively sexualised from day one. One really wants to wonder who the pornographers really are – who exactly is the Enemy Class?

Here’s a poll…you may vote for more than one answer:- (apologies for the question being so long: it is supposed to say:

Is the British Enemy Class compulsorily sexualising other people’s children merely in order to have a supply of them for itself to shag, or is this a deliberately hurtful way to do a demolition job in a civilised nation and its culture?

One recalls that, under the tutelage of Baldur von Schirach, there was an epedemic of pregnancies in the Bund Deutsche Mädel, thought to have been caused by the Hitler-Jugend. But if NSDAP policy tacitly allowed this, then arguably it had a point – only the master-race would be allowed to shag and mate and multiply freely, leading to political advantage for the Party. But if the British-State-Enemy-Class is trying to create an elite cadre, then its strategy has got to be the wrong one.


  1. I say it is time for us real Brits to take the shagging of asses to the fascists who are destroying this once proud nation.

    Death to the lot of them, the feminazi bitches includes.

  2. I suspect that this is like a lot of progressive policies. It is being pushed by small groups of nutcases in academia and a few pressure groups, and most progressives aren’t actually in favour of it, but lack the thought patterns to oppose it.

    These tiny-minority-policies then get carried out, because the government has to do something and has no real vision or insight in to our problems. They can’t make our schools better within their political, ideological and other constraints, but feel obliged to be seen to be doing something – a sort of displacement.

    The insights, attitudes and thought patterns that progressives lack include, by way of example:

    Any limitation on the power of the state;

    Any sympathy for the autonomy of the family;

    Any faith in individuals as autonomous, rational and / or entitled to dignity;

    Any insight in to human nature;

    Any modesty about the limitations of their own power to do good.

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