Blogging, opinion, censorship and news. The left is getting jittery and will soon get nasty

David Davis

Out of ignorance, I don’t normally spend much time looking at Iain Dale but perhaps I ought. Apparently the left is irritated, via the New Statesman (I’d rename that if I was you, guys, and before we achieve global megapower) that “right wing blogs” deploy and need a “lot of money”.

I don’t think so. Nah. It just points up how they don’t understand either human interaction dynamics, or capitalism, which I guess really is the same thing.

But….how did a seriously-appreciable proprtion of the world’s humans actually get like that in the first place?

Did WE fail them? Is there what C S Lewis called “good” and “less good”…. or does primordial evil really exist?

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