Child abuse: Libertarians name and shame the guilty.

David Davis

From Obnoxio the Clown, we learn what the MSM has been allowed to report about the further degradation of British State Primary-School education – as if the seven-odd years that are spent in there by today’s state-Helots are not fully-wasted already…..

The comment thread is wonderful. Especially from Leg-Iron; view it for that alone. (That link is to his site, not the comment, you’ll have to go to obnoxio for that, for I don’t know how to do it and I’m ill anyway.)

“Healthy living, multiculturalism, personal development”….I sometimes wonder how these peoploids who expectorate this pretentious drivvle manage to keep a straight face after so many years of it.

Perhaps they really, really are exactly as cruel and irremediably, deeply, blackly, pre-meditatedly and strategically wicked as I have sadly calculated, and as I increasingly suspect since my sums add up…..

…..and that, in the end, there can, tragically, be no place for them in a civilised polity – whether they are living….or dead.

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