Libertarian Alliance conference celebration post 9: Milton Friedman on self-interest and the profit motive (1 of 2)

David Davis

The other one will try to come later, if I have been able to scratch my arse before the conference closes.

…and this one’s 30 years old! Surely, the oldies are the goodies, and I bet that not more than 20,000 of tomorrow’s Zoo and Nuts readers will have seen it before. So it’s worth airing. The illuminati of the british Libertarian Movement are not the only people who need to have heard of this guy, and otherswill not be picky about the age of a video clip either.

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  1. My young (25) pal, who flipped to the free market in the last year or so, viewed all of “free to choose” streamed and then bought ($140 !!!!) the 1980 series (cos it had the discussions) on DVD.

    So, yeah. Video of Milton pls thx.

    More modern stuff would be great too.

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