Is the cavalry-charge of the Enemy Class, against mortal humans, out of control or is this sort of twaddle intended as “good Wireless Tele Vision”??

David Davis

Just look at the buggers. There’s a spat I hear, about one of them phoning some old guy about his grand-daughter. I’m sure it was “good broadcasting”. Now, I know jack-shit about slebs, not finding the Wireless Tele Vision News very helpful in my estimation of what’s happening to the planet – so I don’t watch it – at all at all at all. But these two have got to have been smoking or snorting something.

He's slept with your grand-daughter and he's so sorry!

Which one of the buggers is which? I do not know. Pray tell.

How are we going to re-encompass the regrowth of liberalism, if we have to contend with buggers like this, who contrive to upset people, for money, paid for by our taxation-take? What useful work could they do in a Libertarian nation, holding the beliefs they clearly do? I do not know.

What is to become of the BBC? What goes on these days is embarrassing to an old and civilised culture which thought it had given birth to it.

I am not suggesting that we ought to shoot all its directors, programme-controllers and major-presenters out-of-hand, against a wall in White City (a bit drastic I admit.) But ought a way to be found to curtail these Enemy Class excesses, while also removing the prohibition on ordinary British mortals from receiving RF signals?


  1. Although I disagree with them, I can understand socialists when they speak of healthcare as a public service.

    I cannot understand how paying for some lazy berk to watch Eastenders can, in anyway, be a public service.

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