Tom Harris MP thinks “an awful lot of people – perhaps dozens” are worried about our trend towards a police state

David Davis

Interesting comment thread on that post on his blog. About 97% critical of him I would guess. Brave guy, then, anyway.

And here’s Middleborough cops trying to interdict private photography in the street:-


  1. Tom Harris MP was the first to receive a copy of 1984, as we have always said the anger was there against Authoritarianism, Libertarians always had a duty to organise and oppose.

    LPUK Campaigns Team

  2. how is it “brave” to abdicate from debate .. he produces no counter aguments. He just accepts the party line like all Zanu NL zombies

    He’s a pathetic cunt

  3. Anything that encourages debate about this serious issue has to be positive. At least Tom Harris does not employ censorship, not sure, however, how his boss will view his comments which seem to have stirred a sleeping giant.

  4. Tony,

    You don’t need to spoonfeed the world’s readers with effects [FX:] .

    We know what these are if you just type them in clear. For example:-

    Fiat Justicia Pereat Mundis.

    It’s just as [eFeKtiv]


    Do us a favour, old chap.

    Oh, and “Smiles” is driving me up the wall.


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