I just need to say this picture again. Sorry chaps. Your T-shirt is NOT cool, it makes you a wanker who loves a murderer who was a failed lawyer.

Earlier on this evening, a nice and quite possibly harmless woman, called powerfulmothers, told me that she would not tell her daughter “what war is” – this was on our today-post about Barack Obama and what Simon Heffer thinks of his prospects.

I think that “daughters” ought to know what war is – they ought to be told quite early on, so as to know who to go to bed with, and not to. This is because they might, then, as mothers, tell young men (whom they have brought forth) not to go off in a drug-crazed huff and “fight for” socialist causes …… such as Nazism, Communism, Gramsco-Marxianism, and also the wilder wings of certain pre-capitalist-desert-survival-guides (that I could mention.)

This would make life much easier for liberalism, for we would not then have to buy soldiers. Liberals don’t really want to kill people.

David Davis

Guys dressed like that don't get to f*** girls.
Guys dressed like that don'.....

‘t get to f*** sexy girls. if you’re a murdere with the face of a skull, they won’t want you even to wear a condom, they will pay for you to be removed.


  1. It’s been a long time since you’ve seen a Uni campus. Saddo leftist prat is the “in” thing at the moment, if my second rate ex-polytechnic is anything to go by.

  2. well ,che was failed lawyer how can he pratice law when he studied medicine??well killing helpless from chopper and using products made by child labour are cool for you,you fact as messed up as CIA ,typical hypo
    he did;nt murder for greed or need he murdered for a purpose ,that way all amercian freedom fighter are murders so why dou print them on notes??for that all freedom fighter of every nation are its always easy to be keyboard warior try live with some prinicple then you what life is then u talk.

  3. You just wrote a couple of sentences, how very nice. Did you do some investigating or did you just make this up yourself?

    I assume you are American, because you know nothing about nazism and for that reason shouldn’t talk about it. Nazism under Hitler had a more liberal political structure than a communist one.

    This sentence “Liberals don’t really want to kill people.” really bothers me actually. Liberal country’s especially the pure capitalist one’s like America would do almost everything for economic progression and therefore exploit every country they can, not only trough warfare but also by other means such as unequal trade. The Iraq war was a perfect example of liberals killing for money (oil).

    Also liberals justify their own killings, such as the killing of our beloved revolutionary Che, but condemn the killing done by communists.

    That is why I would like to finish with this quote: “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

  4. U r a totally dumb moron…!! U Cant stand the fact that someone whos not frm ur country is being worshiped all along the world….the fact that ur country is ruled by power hungry Eunuch’s.
    Its a waste actually urs life, living in a country with no respect to human lives…u live as the leaders want u to live the life….pity on u bro..u guys dont even have the fuckin guts to question any1 of ur barbaric leaders….
    Just wait as now in Britain wer a communist party leader was elected in their senate….the revelution will swipe the americas to.

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