Mandelson: I’m sorry, Tony – but it’s TIME TO BUZZ THE TOWER

David Davis

Old Tony Hollick, my old rooming-chum nearly 30 years ago in Beckenham when we wozz both poor (I still am), thinks Peter Mandelson is a great guy, with whom you’d love to have dinner rather than Cameron (use a long spoon in both cases). Obnoxio the Clown tends not to be quite exactly so positive as that, and inclines more to my view.

As Libertarians, we view all the parties as Stalinist-Pork-Barelling-Shysters. Only, if there does really exist the notion of “right” and left wrong in the world, then the Mandyman is wrong less right than the Stalinist “Conservative” party.

So, let’s ask you lot!

If you had a gun at your head and had to choose, as a British Libertarian, which one you’d go into an election with against, which would you choose?

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