OK. Let’s see who bites on this hook.

David Davis (did men go into space or not?)


  1. Well, all I can say is that to my knowledge there aren’t many Astrophysicists or Astronautics Engineers who make up the ‘No’ camp. It’s only ever those who’ve never read the scientific texts and have a hidden agenda that doubt the authenticity of the NASA space program.

    They’re the kind of people who would sit there watching a documentary on the Moon landings, which is being beamed directly to that fake dish outside on the wall (Santa Claus is in fact sat across the road in a telecommunications van, all of the time, everywhere, beaming it across) and saying,”Nah, it didn’t happen. I mean look, you can see the strings!”

    1 : 0 to us David, methinks!

  2. You mistake the cause of the problem.

    Sure, the Apollo programme happened. Sure, men landed on the Moon, and came back.

    The problem is that some idiots in NASA’s publicity fecided to tart up some of the video and especially still photos, and they did it so incompetently that it’s glaringly obvious that _those_ photos are faked.

    Confirmation bias explains the rest (there’s a Wiki for it). They have grounds for knowing that _some_photos were blatantly fake, so _why not all of them_? “Oh, what a tangled web…”

    I was wearing an Omega Speedmaster chronograph watch when Armstrong landed on the Moon. They were standard issue to _all_ the Apollo astronauts. It was the only ‘piece of the action’ it was possible for anyone else to share with them.

    I still have it, a magnificent memento of an outstanding human adventure which I’d dreamed of and wished for and lived for all of my life.



  3. It was marvellous, Tony. I still have the 1/4″ sound tape I made of the whole thing off the telly. Probably ceased to be able to give a signal long ago, even if I had a machine capable of playing it. But it’s the principle of the thing.

  4. Dave:

    If you look around, you’ll find a number of outfits who will re-record the 1/4″ tape onto digital formats, to replay on your computer or burn to a DVD. They can enhance the signal quality, too.

    I have Musicassettes from that time which play just fine. Worth a shot. Ebay have a free “Wanted” section which reaches millions.

    Google “mag tape to digital” and you’ll find lots of people offering to do it. You’d be amazed!



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    Go see Life Extension Foundation, and CERI.

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