Pirates, piracy and the Royal Navy: yet socialists who worship failed states still protest that order is the mother of liberty.

David Davis

We did pick this up earlier, but I think a hat tip to The Remittance Man is in order, and for a nice photo too, in the ship-pron category. I didn’t know we still had any (ships, that is.)

If late, then at least someone’s doing something about these irritating little squirts. If libertarianism means something concrete, then it’s about, as we always say, the enjoyment of someone’s life, liberty and justly-gained property, without let or hindrance by another. Property I guess means goods moving on the High Seas too.

People forget that the Navy’s main task, for centuries, has been the control or elimination of piracy and the same too, for nearly 200 years, regarding slavery. The world should apologise to BRITAIN for (continuing) slavery (after we were the first to make it illegal) including some modern countries I could mention, and not the other way about.

It’s not clear to me why pirates, having been identified, have to be “stopped” at all. They can just be killed, dismembered for the sharks to have an easier task, and left as an example to “encourage the others”.

Warming to my recurrent theme of what a Libertarian State (still a tautology I fear) would or might do in the defence department, for itself and for others: I think that its taxpayers, if consulted as they would have to be, might go for a fairly efficient Blue-water-Navy as a thing they’d pay for. This might even be profitable, since the insurers of traffic for other States might be prepared to pay it to operate, if nobody else will.

And this is quite cool:-


  1. Libertarian State (still a tautology I fear)

    Don’t you mean contradiction? And why do you fear?
    The state is the root of coercion, its very nature is coercive. It forces itself upon people. It is incompatible with liberty (hence the contradiction of libertarian state).

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