Douglas Alexander (who?) thinks Zanulieborg can win the next election, but the comment thread is very instructive.

…and make sure you read the comments too! There will be a short written test later….

David Davis

A Mr Douglas Alexander has written some stuff in the QuislingGraph today. It’s quite interesting how the supertanker changes course slowly, but change course it does. This is not the first such paean of praise to Obama and generalised socialism I’ve seen in that rag recently.

For Libertarians, whoever wins (unless it’s the LPUK, or, at a remote pinch, UKIP) the result of the next British general Election is rather academic. Even if Diddy-Dave-the Cameroon gets in (sightly less improbable than the LPUK, sadly) little or nothing is going to be done to address the real, structurally-political problems that a nation faces. These are such as a government that does too many unnecessary things, very badly, and mostly with menaces: and supported by a carcinogenically-enlarged clientariat bureaucracy which depends on the same government for the filling of its dinner-pail with pig-swill, paid for by others – voting automatcally for it in return.

Really the short and medium-term prospects for liberty in the UK in particular, and in the West in general, are not good. As one gets older, the contemplation of revolution fills one increasingly with horror – although it is not easy to see what else could be done now. If Auberon Waugh had been alive today, I doubt not that he’d have trenchant views on the problem. He correctly identified certain trends many years ago, such as his adumbration, presciently, of the “Police Terror” – this and other material even in the golden days, when we foolishly all thought that all was for the best in this best of all possible worlds.

Auberon Waugh would say: “I do not suggest that we all raid the Town Halls, drag all anti-smoking-coordination-of-delivery-and-outreach-workers into the street and beat them to death right away, but…”

What the left hysterically refers to as “High-Traffic Right Wing Blogs” are what they are because people are upset and angry. Moreover, it is transparently obvious that those who write them are not spinning lines but tyring to articulate what real people really feel about this nation and what’s been done to it. It’s not clear that many opposing blogs are doing the same thing: they have to rely on “rebuttal”….why? Discuss!

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