Formalhaut: new planet video

David Davis

Here is what we spotted earlier today, and here is a sort of show I guess:-

It’s a bit pretentious, but it’ll do for now.

You could see what Ernesto “Che” Guevara thinks of it, here. A pity, too, although “Ché” didn’t kill them directly – only in an institutional sense did he and his do so – that these chaps didn;t live to see it.

Space? Bah!!!!
Space? Bah!!!!

Personally, I think we are alone: although the existence of planets, probably round almost every star we study, cannot really be in doubt.

It would be a great relief as a result, and very nice and gratifying, to find out that there actually are no socialists in Space. Furthermore, that all Aliens, including those form Tharg or wherever if we should have the fortune to meet some, believe that a Man succeeds or fails in his endeavours by his own efforts, and does not steal victory by engendering another’s defeat.

And here’s an earlier video of a very short-orbital-period planet (about 10 hours) in Sagittarius:-


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