This has happened because Fabians, other socialists and the Enemy Class have _deliberately_made_ whole demographic groups of modern British children into animals.

David Davis

Barnardo’s has, predictably, being part of the modern ortho-Statist Leviathan dubbed “Big Charity”, hit out at critics of today’s feral street-children, who it seems do actually terrify today’s adults en masse.

Of course, what socialists intend fully for the fate of liberal Western civilisations, is to infantilise and then thoroughly bore children. This will make them into stunningly incurious and also easily-angered juvenile hominids. This is what the buggers want: they can be kept indoors by junk-Wireless-Television (produced by the media/consciousness-moulding-arm of the Enemy Class) and let out at other times to distract ordinary socialised humans from carrying on with their legitimate business.

On the other hand, I also pity and feel for the wretched children: these have been corrupted and used deliberately as an instrument to do evil. They have been robbed of the fortitude, certainty and appreciation of their position in the Universe, that comes from understanding and appreciating the Canon of Western liberal Civilisation.

The entire seven official years of British State Primary School “education” are currently wasted time for these poor children. They come out functionally unable to operate socially in an adult world, nor knowing anything that roots them in a stable liberal culture. I can only assume this is deliberate.

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