“Das Kapital” to be turned into a Manga comic (…er, what’s a Manga”?)

David Davis

Hey, man! Cop a load of this nonsense!

Oh, by the way, we comment on the spoilt and wicked Marxist neo-murderer “Ché” Guevara here. You youngsters might appreciate it.

Destruction, failure and death, for the children
Destruction, failure and death, "for the children"

I don’t yet know what a Manga is, but I guess I could read up about it later tonight. Wonder if it’d be a good format for “The Wealth of Nations”, or “Atlas Shrugged”?

The wiki article about the great bullshitter does not seem to find room fo a mention of his son, fathered by him with his wife’s maid, and who went to work for the Great Northern Railway, as a blameless young man who was brought up by his mother. It’s all in Paul Johnson’sEnemies of Society” under the chapter “howling gigantic curses”. Karl Marx…the killer of so many millions….I wonder if the poor wretched maid loved him perhaps?

Not that I care a toss if he shagged his wife’s maid (in their house.) It’s his life after all. And presumably she must have liked his black moustache, or perhaps he was great in bed. I do not know.

But it sort of kind of, er, makes him somewhat hypocritical, since he was slagging off those kinds of people who made a practice of the very same thing, on the side.


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