It’s bad enough trying to teach children whose HOMES have no books in them…so try removing the library too.

Yeah, great idea. It’ll really work. It’ll really get the poor, PSP-crazed buggers reading again.

Come on, we are not all accomplished web-searchers for that which we need – we and you on here are fortunate indeed in the way our brains work, but 99.9% of the internet is junk, and most people will need to be sympathetically helped to find what they need, or like, or lust after. Or even be shown….

David Davis

Although I hold no brief for Philip Pullman, nor for his somewhat strange books, he is dead right on this one.

I have xperienced at least two schools and a “Tech” in the past 7 years, all three within a heavy-field-mortar’s throw from here, which have “downsized” their libraries, and installed “terminals”, naïvely believing this to be not just a substitute, but better even…hmmmmm.

The failure to inculcate the reading habit from hard copy text, in today’s children (and it shows most badly in the younger tranche of their parents, aged say 20s to early 40s – who admit sorrowfully that they don’t know how to begin to find out how to help their sprogs compete with the Chindians ) will lead us faster to the New Endarkenment of The West.

I regret to announce that some dude in Cambridge has deleted the wikipage “Endarkenment” as having “no meaningful content”. Must be a FabiaNazi lefty. Could someone recreate it please? Endarkenment would say all I want to say about what I think is going on in terms of the deletion of libraries – and the debasement/attenuation of their content.


  1. Right on! We need to forget the I-net as anything but a QR. Readers are thinkers and without printed unabridged work a lot of that will vanish.

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