Jeff Randall on Old Labour and Britain as a command-economy-in-the-making. As we are now so f****d, absolutely and relatively, do we really care to try and save the situation…..

…..or not?

David Davis

I have read this by Jeff Randall, with mounting depression. Of course we have known for some weeks that the state’s finances (which is to say, our money) are in this increasingly bad mess, but he tells it with such plangent clarity.

It is so embarrassing, to be a Subject of Her Majesty, and thus a person whose nation has taught the rest of the world how to live, and grow, and survive pre-capitalist-desert-warlords (and some worse ones), famine, un-knowing and Stalinism – and now to suffer what is going to happen to us.

In the process of getting here to where we could be pulled down in public and ridicule, we have incurred the undying hatred of “intellectuals” (this man wrote about how awful they are), Hollywood “producers”, “educationists”, “eugenicists”, absolutist-monarchists, other monarchists“journalists”, socialists (obviously), “sociologists” (whatever those might be), “Al” Gore, and others. w

We have even partially-survived Ken Livingstone, although most of his legacy still lives on under the nominally-conservative Boris Johnson.

The question that all libertarians have to answer, each for himself, is whether it is worth trying to save a now-substantially-destroyed Britain or not. Or whether we should all just keep our heads down, keep schtumm, and hope that what Enoch Powell calls “The Deal of Ruin in a Nation” will help us all to last out our time.


  1. Dave:

    What’s all this archaic “subjects” of “Her Majesty” stuff? I am a *free man!*



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