That’s it: the Gestapo will have to be killed.

David Davis

Norwich City Council (what is that, please?) say that “Hair Dressers” can’t offer their customers free glasses of mulled wine, or beer. if they do, “undercover officers” will grass them up, and send them to jail for 6 MONTHS or fine them £20,000.

I don’t know what the world is coming to.

I think we are turning into two nations and not one. One is good, and the other has turned evil. There will have to be a war.

I am very sad about this, for all war is horrible and destructive, and even when we win, stuff is lost and nothing is the same afterwards. Just looik at WW1 (1752-59), WW2 (1792-1815), WW3 – 1899-1989, with an armistice currently going on…

I don’t really know what sort of people work for “Councils” these days. I am not sure what the qualifications are, or ought to be, or quite how clever you have to be to get such a job. I expect you’d have to be really quite clever, as I don’t know any of these person-trons who do this sort of stuff. But if they do such evil things, and if I had a daughter, then I’m not sure I’d want her to marry a “Councillor” or even at a push, a paid citizen-slaughterer for one if she was “up-the-duff” and therefore devalued and had to accept this dude.


  1. What the UK needs is politicians will balls!

    Get rid of all council power that is not concerned with collecting rubbish, provided what they need to provide and nothing more.

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