Snow sighted: “200 schools in the North West are closed”.

David Davis

Well now, I’m a few miles down-t’road from this place, and I can’t see any snow yet.

In January 1963, in “the big freeze”, I took my 11-plus exam. The A24 out of Ashtead towards Epsom was nearly but not quite impassable. The temperature was minus-11 centigrade, and some cars were able to run. Children couldn’t reach the examination-school except by disembarking and striding across a snowfield a foot deep, of which the crust was frozen solid.

We wore t’coats in t’gym, as it were parky inside, although t’heating was full-on. We sat and did our exams as if nothing was happening.

Libertarians ought to decry the modern Stalinist “health and safety” culture. It breeds sheeple, who are taught by their political masters jailers to quail as the slightest misfortune or obstacle, and who also lap up mindless headlines such as this one.

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