Climate Change Terrorism: the sub-human homophobe-droids (who hate real humans and everything we stand for) are starting to turn nasty…

UPDATE: and here’s some stuff I said about these protest-droid-guys a long time ago….

David Davis

This just in. I guess they’re just practising for Heathrow and Gatwick, right now, but we shall see more of them later. Hopefully famed in gunsights, but maybe not.

I wonder why they are not doing this at Peking or Moscow-Sheremetyevo….or even O-Hare?

The comments by some of the “pro testers” are illuminating and humorous. One Lily kember, a 21-y-o “Third year” “Anthropology” “student” at Edinburgh University (what’s she doing down there not studying, when she should be up there?) thinks “that is so much CO2″……

They should stick to hugging trees. Less harmful and less irritating: and people with business to do can then ignore them.

But I think it will get worse.


  1. It started off as Global Cooling (didn’t happen), next it was The Green House Effect (debunked), then Global Warming (not happening) and lastly Climate Change (quite natural). I’d wish these people would take their pseudo religious beliefs somewhere else and leave the rest of us to get on with it.

    • Unfortunately, it’s another case of ordinary socialist terrorism designed to get their way. they have never, never, ever accepted the settlement at the Enlightenment – at which it has been understood that Man can and will be able to improve his position in the world and the Universe, and it’s NOt a zero-sum-game – everybody will be enabled to live a more fulfileld and less hair-rasiningly short and brutal life.

      But the buggers can’t accept it: they won’t ever, ever come to ant agreement with us about the future – I predict this sad outcome, and in the end, it’s either us or them.

      I also think that most of today’s “active” climate-change warriors” are deliberately lying. They know we are right, and are rdetermined to press on to the next stage of nastiness, like all socialists.

  2. Yeah, right on. They probably have some ridiculous justification inside their heads like that the “effects” of “climate” change “will” infringe on the liberty of others and thats why they want to limit it. Losers.

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