1. Dave:

    Too many Britsh people have always disliked intelligent, talented people. It’s one of the reasons for Britain’s decline.

    I _like_ Peter Mandelson. He, much more than Blair, was responsible for the creation of “New Labour”, which has deprived you of most of your reasons for disliking the Labour Party. I would like to see a Lib Dem / New Labour Alliance to keep the horrible Tory Party out of power until it dies off.

    Similarly, I am really pleased with the recent Democratic victories in the American polls. America has a decent possibility of becoming again “A Shining City on a Hill” after the besmirching horrors of Cheney’s Ersatz-“Republicans.” Cheney has actually admitted his own guilt in the committing of War Crimes.

    I am more optimistic than I’ve been for quite a while. Crony-Capitalism has been so thoroughly discredited that it will be at least a hundred years before anyone takes it seriously again — by which time it will be completely obsolete.

    Merry Christmas!


    (reading “Fantastic Voyage” by Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman – wonderful!)

    • I don’t dislike him because he is talented: he is. I dislike him because he is a socialist at heart, and because he helped socialist to pretend to be otherwise and to ruin my country for me, while i was too busy to do anything about it.

  2. Dave:

    Aside from your using the word as an all-purpose term of abuse (which empties it of any meaning) I truly don’t have the foggiest idea what you mean by “socialism.”

    To me, it means a centrally-planned Command Economy, run without prices by fiat. To you?



    PS: Who told you that the country is “ruined”? I drove round Bristol for an hour a few days ago, and the city looked peaceful, colourful and prosperous, filled with lots of new buildings, light and colour and active people. Brunel’s “Great Britain”, completely restored; and his Clifton Suspension Bridge illuminated.

    The West Country is wonderfully beautiful.

  3. Mandelson is the scum of the earth. Hollick–if by “crony capitalism” you mean the poisonious corporate socialism beloved of ZaNuLab and the Tories this crisis will kill it. Despite the smug leftist garbage you peddle, socialism is death, pure concentraited death, and your little NuLab paradise–ie hope that controlled markets can keep things going while you create East Germany with credit cards and handouts to keep the mob quiet — is going down the pan. Five Bellies Jackboot Spliff is still working on the East Germany bit but the payoffs are soon to be history as are you. As for your command economy you can stuff your commands as we have had all we are going to take. PS Obamalamadingdong is a vapid bogus phony just like Mr Bliar–if you are looking for salvation from him, please hold your breath.

  4. “Mr Ecks”:

    Dear Van,

    I hope you feel better after your little rant! You write:

    “…but the payoffs are soon to be history as are you.”

    I’m very likely to live a very long time.

    If you think you can alter that, I’ll be pleased to attend your funeral. Seven people have tried to shorten my life thus far, and all of them are stone dead. Don’t ask me how it works — I don’t know and could care even less.


    “You have to believe we are magic; nothing can stand in our way…” — “Magic”, by John Farrar, sung by Olivia Newton-John, from “Xanadu.”

  5. To get back to the real issue at hand, No, GoW is damn awesome. You get to kill a giant, city sinking worm from the inside. So god damn awesome.

  6. Van who ??

    As for your psychic attack I think I will weather the storm. I was looking forward to your political rather than your your physical demise. I hope you live a long time. Either the forces of light win and you will have to watch your socialist paradise utterly smashed or if your vile crew prevail you will have to live in your socialist rathole and, despite your craven endorsement of socialist tyranny discover first hand just how kind your masters will be even to their crawling friends. Enjoy.

  7. “Van Eck”:

    “Vile endorsement of socialist tyranny”?

    Have you “jumped the shark”??

    Since when have I ever endorsed “socialist tyranny”?

    Who are these “forces of light” you refer to? Generals Pinochet and Galtieri?

    I have no masters…


  8. Well I agree with you there Tony, there is a lot of the crab mentality prevalent in British society. Ah, I’m struggling to raise my eyes at the moment due to a severe bout of influenza.

    Oh, and Mr Ecks, is Bitburger okay? 🙂

  9. Steven Northwood:

    Twenty years ago, I had a lousy bout of ‘flu. I resolved: “Never again!”

    So I recommend 250mg. BHT (E321) daily. It zaps all lipid-enveloped virii it’s been tested against. It breaks up the lipid coating, so that the virus cannot replicate, while leaving the fragments to be scavenged by the immune system. You become asymptomatic, non-infective, with no virii in the bloodstream.

    BHT also acts prophylactically; and it is a potent antioxidant, zapping those nasty free radicals (singlet oxygen).

    Gesundheit! >:-}


  10. Tony;

    That sounds right up my alley, I hate the flu. And right before Christmas as well. That’s the kind of thing I’d only take around flu season though, I suppose it would still have the same effect.

    Vielen Dank!

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