Libertarian Alliance Christmas Message 2008

David Davis and Peter Davis

Things look bad. Really. We don’t know what to say to comfort you all this year. The socialists – all over – are even more entrenched than ever before….and here naturally: why? Of all in the places in the world, they hate England the very, very most of all, and want us dead. Or at least our culture, which amounts to the same thing. Socialism is, in its inception, specifically anti-English, which is to say, anti-liberal. Why else were we forced into so many wars in the time when We Knew Who We  Were?

War is always bad, and represents the failure of the enemy to reason with us, for we are right. (The West IS right. All else is “solutions” which are “less good”.) But the problem is that we don’t any more know the answer to that previous question – about our identity. The Enemy Class has hidden it.

Also in Russia the Stalinists triumph again, under the wicked cockroach Putin. He marched into a sovereign nation in early August as you all know, on a Glivice-type-1st-Sept-1939-pretext, and the West bought into it in spades, lauding him. Where is Georgia now? Does anybody know? I have heard nothing for months. Have you?

In Australia, Kevin Rudd does his socialist and republican stuff. The poor Queen will go to hell in Oz soon as Rudd will see her voted out, but that in itself does not matter for she has done nothing to discharge her duties against this mob, of which Rudd is just a late acolyte. Australia will now hit the downpipe into the sewer slightly later than the rest of us as it actually makes stuff which Chindian guys want, like Iron and Coal and Uranium, and, er, beef and wine and things to eat, and probably zinc and tin and things so I will check (not copra or sisal or jute I expect, not now.) In the USA the Onebama is getting psyched up to pull the levers of his people’s self-destruction: I shan’t be surprised if “New Orleans”, if still above sea level, or even below, gets shag-loads-a-money belonging to other people, in return for returning  “Democrats” Stalinists. A truly rotten borough, it is, to be sure to be sure.

And in other places where what the State does matters because it’s always harmful, and we are all still even going to die after it all. All is black, and the endarkenment comes surely upon us, or so it would seem. Gordon Brown is still in power – not that any other of all the available socialist parties would do any better – and his friends have taken down the fabric of the Western Capitalist system by sleight of hand. The LPUK remains our last best hope, but I expect it’ll be years before they’re in a position to challenge for the job of taking the state down to a manageable size….even if by then elections are allowed, which we doubt.

The database DNA-nazistate, powered forwards as it has planned to be by high-profile murders or disappearances involving usually young and attractive females whose sad stories are marketable by the Quisling Press, now has nearly five million persons trapped in it, probably for ever: of these, we can be sure that most are males, and a disproportionate number are young black males. But under diversity rules, this I am sure will be rectified as part of the task of increasing its size.

The West is involved in slightly over two wars at once (something like (1.418)², and therefore it’s an irrational number and impossible to calculate exactly) against brave and unfazed people whose message they think is simple: who freely and frankly admit, loudly and with fortitude and resolution, that they mean to take us down, bouyed up as they are by their own strong sense of self-worth and also that of the pre-capitalist-survival-guide that drives them. The contrast between that and the Uncertain Trumpets which ought to be braying for Classical liberalism, is stark. The blame for this unforgiveable situation lies here in the West, and very particularly in Britain, where we have allowed an internally-logical, quite deliberately-driven, quite uncrazed and rational Enemy Class, planned for a very very long time, to rot us and our culture and civilisation from within. It is no use trying to “be tolerant” to left-wing-academics and so forth, if they mean to destroy the system that gave them liberty to undermine it.

The unspeakably vain and evilly-pompous, cockroach, “Robert Mugabe”, continues to loud-hail the world that black is white and white is black, striding about among kilo-deaths, and silently cheered on by an almost equally-hobbled Africa as he marches his unwilling slaves towards the cesspool, blaming us. Perhaps this is part of the “Global Community’s” punishment of us, by it, for Ian Smith being right: we are made to watch a horrible tragedy, with our arms tied behind us and our eyelids propped open. Yes: that’s it – the Left is shooting our child, and making us watch.

“New” Labour – as if it ever was: how could so many have been taken in so fully by so few? – has comprehensively knackered what was a vaguely thriving economy. Even the French are laughing at us. And, he even has the crust, the immortal rind, to say: “what I meant was – ‘an end to Tory-boom-and-bust’ … “.   As if the “socialist” sort of boom and bust feels any different?

The Pound Sterling tracks relentlessly down towards the Euro. In one sense this does not matter since they are all “fiat” currencies anyway, so the real absolute value of any of them can’t ever be determined. But it makes worse the temporal problems of buying stuff, since “New” labour has completed the process of ensuring that we neither make anything, nor grow anything to eat.

So, what ought libertarians to do this Christmas?

(1) Against the coming Dark Age, which is not a sudden phenomenon but has been planned for us for ages and ages and is only now beginning to look as threatening as has been intended all along: build and stock a large private library. Save in it whatever you think was important knowledge and literature. Lots will be banned, so get it while you can. Also, add artefacts to it, such as scientific instruments. Copy it to DVDs and leave lots of them about in safe places. Some computers will inevitably survive, and the stuff will be able to be read and used.

NOTE: say nothing about it to anyone – not even people you trust! Mobs burn libraries ‘coz it’s fun, as they have been implicitly taught to do on the Wireless Tele Vision over the past 10 years or so. The burners can dance up and down going “yay!!!” in their pink pyjamas, and the burnees can sob on the Wireless Tele Vision, as is required.

AND…..It’s no use doing what the Montana-Millenarians always advocate, which is along the lines of stocking up on matches, petrol and tinned food. What will you do when it’s gone, as it will be eventually? You can’t sink a tank for 10,000 gallons in the garden in somewhere like Solihull, now, can you; you couldn’t even afford it if you wanted to either! You can grow food if you know how, and you can make matches similarly….sod the petrol, cars will be banned soon anyway.

(2) LAUGH at the bastards. Take the piss. Mercilessly. Be funny. be funny, and be it very very very hard. We face death, so laugh, for this is Hastings all over again. Liberal blogs are far, far better written, by far wittier people, who think on their feet far faster than socialists, and therefore are a grand and clean-edged weapon in the fight. Spit on your hands, wrench out your sword-point from the bloody mud in front of you, where you left it while you went back a few yards for a piss, now get it up and hew, and hew, and hew, and laugh while you do: it will un-nerve the bastards.

Just look at some of these in no special order! Guido, The Devil, the Libertarian Party, Obnoxio, Tim Worstall, Samizdata, Brian Mickelthwait, Nation of Shopkeepers, The Landed Underclass, Trooper, The Englishman, Kerplunk, Mark Steyn, blazing cat fur, and many, many others whom I have forgotten or accidentally omitted.

Let’s have some music.

Here’s the Hollies, with ideas about altruism that are theoretically incorrect unless viewed through an Libertarian Individualist prism:-

And here’s King George V, the opposite of a fascist – I just though it was nice:-

And finally, I wanted to give you a live soundclip of King George VI, speaking as he was on 25th december 1939, but i can’t download one. So here’s his text:-

GEORGE VI (r. 1936-1952)
Christmas Day Broadcast, 1939. Britain and France had declared war on Germany just three months earlier on 3 September 1939
The festival which we know as Christmas is above all the festival of peace and of the home. Among all free peoples the love of peace is profound, for this alone gives security to the home.

But true peace is in the hearts of men, and it is the tragedy of this time that there are powerful countries whose whole direction and policy are based on aggression and the suppression of all that we hold dear for mankind.

It is this that has stirred our peoples and given them a unity unknown in any previous war. We feel in our hearts that we are fighting against wickedness, and this conviction will give us strength from day to day to persevere until victory is assured.

At home we are, as it were, taking the strain for what may lie ahead of us, resolved and confident. We look with pride and thankfulness on the never-failing courage and devotion of the Royal Navy, upon which, throughout the last four months, has burst the storm of ruthless and unceasing war.

And when I speak of our Navy today, I mean all the men of our Empire who go down to the sea in ships, the Mercantile Marine, the mine-sweepers, the trawlers and drifters, from the senior officers to the last boy who has joined up.

To every one in this great Fleet I send a message of gratitude and greeting, from myself as from all my peoples. The same message I send to the gallant Air Force which, in co-operation with the Navy, is our sure shield of defence. They are daily adding laurels to those that their fathers won.

I would send a special word of greeting to the Armies of the Empire, to those who have come from afar, and in particular to the British Expeditionary Force. Their task is hard. They are waiting, and waiting is a trial of nerve and discipline. But I know that when the moment comes for action they will prove themselves worthy of the highest traditions of their great Service.

And to all who are preparing themselves to serve their country, on sea or land or in the air, I send my greeting at this time. The men and women of our far-flung Empire working in their several vocations, with the one same purpose, all are members of the great Family of Nations which is prepared to sacrifice everything that freedom of spirit may be saved to the world.

Such is the spirit of the Empire; of the great Dominions, of India, of every Colony, large or small. From all alike have come offers of help, for which the Mother Country can never be sufficiently grateful. Such unity in aim and in effort has never been seen in the world before.

I believe from my heart that the cause which binds together my peoples and our gallant and faithful Allies is the cause of Christian civilisation. On no other basis can a true civilisation be built.

Let us remember this through the dark times ahead of us and when we are making the peace for which all men pray.

A new year is at hand. We cannot tell what it will bring. If it brings peace, how thankful we shall all be. If it brings us continued struggle we shall remain undaunted.

In the meantime I feel that we may all find a message of encouragement in the lines which, in my closing words, I would like to say to you: ‘I said to the man who stood at the Gate of the Year, “Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown.” And he replied, “Go out into the darkness, and put your hand into the Hand of God. That shall be to you better than light, and safer than a known way.”‘

May that Almighty Hand guide and uphold us all.


  1. David, Peter, Sean, Tony & everyone else of the LA, hope you have a very happy (and flu-free) Christmas.


  2. Steven:

    And a Happy-Christmas from an everything-free Tony! >:-}

    “My soul, there is a country
    Far beyond the stars
    Where stands a winged Sentry
    All sklful in the wars.” — Henry Vaughan


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  5. The Seymours’ book “How to live on five acres” proved to me that a 13 hour working day, 365 days a year, never falling unwell, is not a viable option (for me, at least). Hydroponics offers one possible solution, but is capital-intensive, and usually requires machinery…

    Tony Hollick

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