Winter knitwear fashion: ShootinPutin187 launches new collection and accuses Ukraine of stealing gas bound for other customers (as if he’d know…)

David Davis

In this blog’s today-evening campaign about ShootinPutin187, we reveal another side to his “character”, and blow the gaff on his latest moves towards war against the Ukraine. He can’t have a liberal democratic slightly less authoritarian State on his borders, now, can he.

Speaking of PV = nRT, I find that if the USSR reduces the rate of flow through Ukraine to the “West” (whatever that once was) then it’s no point Ukraine (which does not produce gas itself) trying to re-up the gas flow out “West”, since that would create a partial vacuum on the UsSR side of the valves, and so therefore a nett tendency of gas to flow back into the USSR.

So Ukriane has no option but to reduce the rate of flow of gas through itself out of the USSR, in cumecs….WHICH MAKES IT LOOK TO SILLY WESTERN JOURNALISTS who are not scientists AS THOUGH THE USSR IS RIGHT AND THAT UKRAINE IS STEALING GAS !!!!!

I mean, if less stuff’s coming in, and they can’t contribute to it themselves, then the outflow pressure (and the rate) has to fall…..? No?


  1. “The brochure features a number of images of Putin modelling his own creations. In one shot he stands proudly over the corpse of a large bear wearing a tasteful mauve jumper bearing the logo ‘Don’t mess – Ex-KGB’”

    Heh heh heh, this is the kind of thing I should get into.

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