Good resolutions for 2009 from Natalie

David Davis

This is what she’s going to do!


  1. Dave:

    Britain can leave at any time. Brussels will not send in soldiers. You know this.

    Meanwhile, we have 330 million people with political clout in the world; with a higher GNP than America’s; a strong currency; a free trade area; and we can live and work and do business wherever we like. This sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Especially when compared to the previous century…

    Meanwhile, I carry on being an English transhumanist. Where’s the beef? I don’t _want_ the British Ruling Class (or anyone else, for that matter) to have a monopoly of power over me.

    Have you looked at a recent list of the World’s Most Desireable Cities? Most of them are European.



  2. it depends on the criteria, Tony, used to describe desirability, of a city. Yes, European cities are nice to look at on the whole. they are old: old things get old because generally they are good. Not too many of them have been flattened in the past, although a few. (I think the British and Americans cleared a billion tons of rubble (1E9) from German cities in the late 1940s and 50s…) This was sad but necessary.

    Euriope has nice climates generally, or at leats bearable most times. Nice bushes grow which you can eat and drink the stuff off.

    But the prevailing authoritarian/statist tradition, which permeates all public European life, is NOT nice. Europeans get round it by rioting (France, which is not and has never been a “democracy” since the “revolution” or before) or ignoring “directives” and “laws” everywhere else, while nobody is looking.

    Human individuals should not have to be deferring to the “authorities” all the time, whether officially, or often not, as in practical reality. The fact that intra-European repression is functionally inefficient does not justify its continued existence.

    Also, most of those cities are comparably expensive vs London, or Liverpool or Manchester….and I’m a poor-man, having no money as I do!

  3. Dave:

    Well, make up your own mind:


    I’m none too sure who exactly comprises the “Enemy Class” — I don’t think in collectivist terms. All government is opinion, and the fact that the SWP and the BNP both want us out of Europe makes me more eager to stay. My opinion of UKIP is well known — it consists of the “Hangers and floggers” nationalist rump of the Tory Party. If any of them became the Government of this country, I would apply elsewhere for political refugee status.

    Canada; New Zealand; Australia; Germany; Norway; etc.

    As it is, England is my country. I like it here. Except for the authoritarian bastards. I’ve already been offered refugee status elsewhere in the Anglosphere.



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