GAZA: Tony Blair finally surfaces, but war is always “hell” for the civilians….

UPDATE:- And we are told that “Israel kills 30” (including children – what else? This is western television) in attack on school…..no killing is good. No, not at all. But Hamas did not need to oppose an approximately pluralist democracy, in favour of a tyranny instead. People in Gaza-land who live there, did not need to fail, in all these years which were offered them to do so, to oppose Hamas and trash it.

They had the choice between going along with Hamas, or not. OK, so they chose to go along, and not lynch the buggers in their labs and mosques, for talking life-threatening crap.

This does not mean they deserve death by fire from Israel, but  “world leaders” ought to spend their time encouraging poeple to make the right decisions instead of the wrong ones. There really is good, and bad, in the world. People can choose. We have free will: even people who are told by lefties and pre-capitalist-barbarians that they have to be “Palestinians” even when they are not, have free will.

There is a precedent. The Germans (about whom I have gone on ad nauseam from time to time) had the choice in 1933 to get a clever lefty Gramscian lunched. (Sorry, I meant “lynched”.) They did not. They (nearly) elected him. He “took” power. Ask Ken Livingstone about this process. Then, in not getting rid of him before it was too late, they ended up living and dying in rubble.

David Davis

….and when was this ever not the case? Come on Tony old fella, say something vaguely original and helpful, such as “O Hamas! Here me! I am Your Tony! Stop firing rockets at Israeli houses. For ever…. Then the lower than pigs Jews might come and sit down, a long spoon away from you though, and talk about how to help you “your” (not) “people” (a bit more.) And…. hold some elections to be fully supervised under armed escort, by the LPUK solely and not by some other authority, and if you get booted out, STAY out. So there.”

But he won’t will he. He has to keep in with the possibility of being paid later for speeches by either side. So his take on Radio-4 today was mealy-mouthed.

Havibg blogged for about two years here, and about two-thirds of that while trying to be fairly serious and driven about it, I begin to understand how journalists work. It is a very sad trade, I can assure you.

The hand-wringing “Liberal”  journalists of the “West” (which is most of the buggers) have got nothing happening that’s shocking enough, once they have talked about the closure of Woolworth’s. That’s done and dusted now, but out of the blue, due to some election timings in far-away countries of which we know little (such as Israel, the USA, Iran) there’s a nice little skirmish brewed up, which can supply footage of weeping headscarfed women, angry dark-skinned teenagers jumping up and down with guns, and biggish-looking columns of smoke and fire reaching out of packed buildings. You all know the stuff.

“Humanitarian crisis”…..”gathering humanitarian crisis”….”increasing shortages of food”……”the cold harsh Gaza winter”….”children dying in hospital corridors” (at least they got there!)…”100 poeple killed, 28 of them children” (I thought 50% of Ghazis were under-15 ??? What a low % of children then to have been killed?)

It all makes “good television”, and feeds the mindset of a people reared on nothing more vile than “celebrity big brother” or “wife swap”.

Moreover, the Israelis, a proper army, deployed by something approaching a pluralist democracy, and under military discipline and the Geneva Convention (we believe), don’t appear to be humans at all!

Israelis appear to consist entirely of large steel vehicles – both tracked and airborne! – that grimble and grumble and grind and move about rather quickly under what seems to be uncannily precise direction: they go through buildings and not round them (the grounded ones of course) they are painted in threatening colours, like grey, or sand, or a dull green, or a mixture of all of these, and have long metal tubes which go bang, and exude fire and death. They even have “ships” (gosh!) which is clearly worse.

All this is meat and drink to “journalists”, many of whom are young and therefore – happily for them – have never seen or lived through a real war. These poor people have only been to “Universities”, followed by “inter-views”, and have read Gramsci and Marx and Ulianov and (some) Hitler (while supervised), instead of Newton and Leibnitz and Hooke and Darwin and Faraday and Dirac.  I at 57  have not experienced a real war either, thank God, and I hope never to have to, but apart from the phalanx of philosophers listed, I have read and studied enough and asked enough (real) soldiers to educate me enough, to know how horrible war really is, for both the participants and the unvolunteered “extras”. Libertarians hate war, and this is one reason.

The prevailing feeling coming out of current commentary on the Gaza business is that Western journos hope to make the picture look scary enough for (all) their politicians to pressure Israel into backing out, again (like in Lebanon a while ago) just before the objectives are achieved. This will not solve the problem: which is that one side (Hamas and friends) wants the other (Israel) dead.

I do not just write here for libertarians. There may be libertarians who would like to see a map on which there is no Israel, but a congeries of functionally “Arab” states, one or more of which contains a “Jewish” minority or majority. I do not know.

But, given the consistently anti-Jewish rhetoric emanating from “Arab” states, the vector-sum of which has been negative for the past 100 or so years (with a few honourable exceptions – stand up Anwar Sadat, stand up King Hussein and your heirs, whoever they may turn out to be) do you think this would work any better?

I only ask becasue I want to know.


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