GAS: RUSSIA. North Sea. Britain should just turn it off. Do not masturbate in front of Russia while talking about gas.

David Davis

I hear a nasty rumour that “the EU” will take “our” gas. This is because the EUmonsters masturbated with Russia the USSR on screen, and have come unstuck. Do not masturbate with Russia the USSR on your screen. Bad things will come to you. Russia the USSR is not exactly anybody’s friend at present, until we have done régime change there, and it has become liberalised and Putin is out of office.

Press ENTER to liberalise Russia the USSR. This may take some minutes, and you will need a paypal account.

In the meantime, go to http://www.libertarian.co.uk and give us some money. In the long run (very long I fear) this will help us to liberalise Russia the USSR. Then, the gas won’t be turned off by them, just because they think we don’t like them – or because they think we might just slightly like Israel.


  1. I’ll be sending £20 through at the end of the month, now Christmas is out of the way. I suggest all the friendly vistors to this blog do the same, and by doing so you’ll get the satisfaction of using purchasing power to make a wholesome political and economic statement – plently of bang for your buck.

    Hey, if you send £50 you may even make Sean Gabb giggle! Go on, make Sean giggle! And PayPal is 100% secure and insured!

    Join the Revolution! Join Comrades! Join today!


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