Bruce Springsteen knows best, naturally.

David Davis

I thought he was a pop singer?


  1. Springsteen said “The deregulation, the idea of the unfettered free market, the blind foreign policy.”

    There was no deregulation and not much of unfettered freemarket since the fascist FDR. Liberals wouldn’t know a freemarket if it bit them on the hinder.

    Why do I doubt that Obama choose to become president since he couldn’t be an annoying whining singer? Might as say one becomes an accountant because they couldn’t be Robert Fripp,but I’m guessing Mr. Fripp would find that a slight. It just makes no sense and sounds very apocryphal.

  2. “Liberals wouldn’t know a free market”

    I’ve told many a socialist that their definition of a free market as being “Anything less than absolute state control” is inaccurate.

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