Fun on Tuesday morning – and what’s a “Heston Blumenthal”, pray tell?

David Davis

Spotted at the Woman In Black, quite by accident. I can’t quite get this late-90s/early-Noughties manic obsession with celebrity chefs, who seem to spend all their time prancing about and swearing, inside the Wireless Tele-Vision apparatus, and who also want to go about spoiling the eating-fun of poorer people than themselves. I’m sure there’s a good libertarian reason for this guy* wanting to upset customers of “little Chef”, but I can’t right now see what it is – however clever with grub he may be. Sorry.

But I hope they do well: if you’re in the middle of nowhere, like in Wales, and Wales is closed (often the case, try buying a burger when you are at Wales early on a Saturday morning, like 9 am) then a Little Chef can at least save you from dying of malnutrition.

*I guess he must be good though…as a generally safe rule, bad cooks don’t get famous.

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